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It’s hard to find a well-paid surrogacy ukraine cost
job in Ukraine,» she said. «I wanted to renovate the house and set aside money for my son’s university fees — they’re very expensive. My mother never had the means to support me in that way, but I want my son to get a good education.»

BioTexCom, Ukraine’s most popular surrogacy company, offered her $11,000 for one pregnancy and a $250 monthly stipend — a sum more than three times the average yearly salary in Ukraine of approximately $3,000.

«The company promised they would take really good care of me. It was an easy decision and my husband agreed immediately,» she said.

By March 2017, Alina became a surrogate mother for Anca, a 38-year-old from Romania, who is unable to carry a child due to multiple fibroids in her uterine wall.

«I had four failed IVF attempts. Surrogacy was my final option,» she told Al Jazeera.

Ukraine has become an increasingly popular destination for foreign couples seeking affordable surrogacy services since they became legal in 2002. The average package costs around $30,000, compared with prices between $80,00 and $120,000 in the United States.